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Air Conditioning Repairs Tullamarine

Air Conditioning

The car air conditioning (AC) system combines heating as well as cooling for your vehicle and the team of qualified mechanics at VP Auto Care can expertly provide a service including system, heating, cooling, refrigerant and general repairs.

auto electrical mechanics Tullamarine

Auto Electrical

Many malfunctions that occur in a vehicle can be diagnosed as an electrical problem, and the team of qualified auto electrical mechanics at VP Auto Care can provide an auto electrical service including alternator, ignition and auto electrical repairs service.

ignition system mechanics Tullamarine


The vehicle ignition system brings the engine and subsystems together and the team of qualified ignition system mechanics at VP Auto Care can provide an ignition system service including electronic,coils,switches and ignition system repairs service.

Vehicle safety checks Tullamarine


Vehicle safety checks can vary from a list of car maintenance issues that should be considered prior to heading off on a long journey through to more formal vehicle check list reports deemed necessary when buying or selling a car.

Tullamarine battery auto service


Discharged, flat or dead car batteries are one of the possible reasons that a vehicle will not start and we can provide a battery auto service including competitive prices, fitting, replacement, change over, repair, disposal and battery auto charging service.

clutch repairs service


Generally the clutch in a vehicle does not suddenly give out but instead it is a process that occurs over time and our team of clutch mechanics can provide a clutch service including replacement, master, cylinder, cable, plate, kit and clutch repairs service.

cylinder head repairs service

Cylinder Head

Problems with the cylinder head develop from lack of vehicle engine maintenance or failed components. VP Auto Care can expertly provide a cylinder head service including head gasket, reconditioning, block, bolts, cast and cylinder head repairs service.

diesel engine repairs service


A diesel engine requires more frequent routine maintenance than petrol vehicles and the team of qualified diesel engine mechanics at VP Auto Care can expertly provide a diesel engine service including turbo, tuning, oil and diesel engine repairs service.

dyno tuning testing service

Dyno Tuning

The first step to a dyno tune is to determine if the vehicle has any particular problems or points of concern. Our team of dyno tuning mechanics can expertly provide a dyno tuning service including tune performance assessment and dyno tuning testing service.

fuel injection repairs Tullamarine

Fuel Injection

The car electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems are the common method of fuel delivery in modern day vehicles. Our team can expertly provide a fuel injection service including EFI, electronic, injectors, pump, cap and fuel injection repairs service.

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radiator repairs service Tullamarine


The car cooling system radiator component is a type of heat exchanger that is designed to transfer heat from the hot coolant liquid. VP Auto Care provide radiator service including leak, flushing, cap, replacement and radiator repairs service.

timing belt repairs Tullamarine

Timing Belt

Indicators that the vehicle timing belt may need to be replaced include a rattling noise coming from the front of the engine. VP Auto Care can provide a timing belt service including replacement,chain,alignment and timing belt repairs service.

transmission repairs Tullamarine


Besides affecting longevity, transmission maintenance is very important when it comes to overall vehicle performance. We provide a transmission service including auto, manual, rebuilds, replacement, gearbox, fluid, oil and transmission repairs service.

4wd icon

4WD and Off Road

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brake repairs Tullamarine


The car braking system is its single most important vehicle safety feature and the team of qualified brake mechanics at VP Auto Care can expertly provide a brake service including abs, rear, front, hand, pedal, disk, drum, caliper and brake repairs service.

exhaust repairs Tullamarine


To get better performance from your vehicle the exhaust system is a good place to start and our team of qualified exhaust mechanics can expertly provide an exhaust service including system, pipe, performance and exhaust repairs service.

LPG Gas conversion repairs Tullamarine


LPG Gas conversion involves taking your new or existing vehicle that is running on petrol and installing an LPG tank and system to fuel your car. Mechanics can expertly provide an LPG Gas conversion service and LPG Gas conversion repairs service.

muffler repairs Tullamarine


For most cars the muffler is a device for reducing the amount of noise emitted by the vehicle exhaust system and we will expertly provide a muffler service including replacement, performance and muffler repairs service.

Tullamarine steering repairs


The steering system is perhaps the most overlooked of all vehicle systems that require regular maintenance.VP Auto Care will expertly provide a steering service including system, arm, rack, pinion, wheel, alignment and steering repairs service.

suspension repairs Tullamarine


The vehicle suspension system provides steering stability by maximising friction between the tyres and road. VP Auto Care can expertly provide a suspension service including system, shock absorbers, leaf, springs, kits and suspension repairs service.

tyre repairs Tullamarine

Tyres and Wheels

Our team of qualified tyre experts provide a tyre service including puncture repair, retreads, replacement, fitting, balancing, rotation, valve, cap, tube and tyre repairs.

windscreen repairs Tullamarine


The modern vehicle windscreen is generally made of laminated safety glass. VP Auto Care can expertly provide a windscreen service including windshield chip fixing, window replacement, tinting, demister and windscreen repairs service.