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VP Auto Care - Auto Electrical

Doctors refer the patient to Specialists, Motor Mechanics refer the patient (Your Car) to The Auto Electrician.

Motor Mechanics are the first port of call for check-ups, Car Servicing and routine maintenance, but sometimes the complexities of modern Automotive Electrical Systems require more specialised knowledge, Diagnostic Equipment and training in some of the more technical systems contained in modern motor cars.

Automotive Electrical Services have come a very long way in recent decades. Far from just Car Batteries, Car Alternators, Car Starter Motors and Car Ignition Systems, Auto Electricians now provide highly Technical Diagnosis and Repair Solutions to an ever-expanding array of sophisticated on-board Electronics, Computer Controlled Electronic Fuel Injection (E.F.I.), Computer Controlled Electronic Suspension Systems and Computer Controlled Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) - most of which rely on Electronic Sensors providing feedback to your vehicle's "brain" (The E.C.U) and the Body Control Module (BCM).

Modern Vehicles now contain so many Electronic Sensors, they know it's raining before you do! That's why when you see the dreaded "Check Engine" light appear on your Dashboard Display, a visit to the Specialist - The Auto Electrician, should be your first order of the day.

All competent Car Servicing & Mechanical Repair businesses either employ or are closely affiliated to an Auto Electrical Specialist so that they can ensure the proper operation of all the Electrical Systems and Electronic Diagnosis needs that may be encountered in the course of Servicing Your Car professionally.

Of course, we still excel at all the routine Auto Electrical Services including, but not limited to:

Trailer, Boat and Caravan Wiring and Electrical
Sealed Beam Headlights
Driving Lights
Tail Light Lenses and Complete Taillight Assemblies
Electronic Ignition Systems
Automotive Alternators
Starter Motors
Car Batteries, Car Battery Systems, Marine Battery Applications, Caravan Batteries, Dual Battery Systems, Off-Road and 4X4 Battery Systems, Battery Charging Systems, Automotive Solar Charging Systems and great advice on Battery Life Extension Strategies!
Electric Window Regulators
Electric Window Switches
Car Central Locking Systems
Remote Central Locking Systems
Car Key Coding / Re-Coding
Car, Boat and Caravan Security Alarms and Anti-Theft Systems
Car Audio Systems including Amplifiers and Car Speaker Systems
Caravan Audio Systems
Boat Audio Systems / Outdoor / Weatherproof Speaker Systems
Electronic Performance Upgrades

Let us put the SPARK back in your Car, Caravan, Boat - (or all of the above) today.